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  • What is the significance of Zen?

    Translated from: on What is the significance of Zen? By Lou Yulie (Professor, Department of Philosophy, Peking University) Today I am speaking on this topic mainly because I feel that there is still a lot of lack of clarity in our current understanding of Chinese Buddhism, especially Zen Buddhism. Venerable Tai Xu, a…

  • The Buddhas Teachings of The Eight-fold Path

    Buddhists devote themselves to the ‘practice of the Eight-Fold Path’, because it works. Shakyamuni Buddha did not just ask the disciples to ‘just believe him’, what was said was, “EhiPassiko” a Pali phrase that translates to “come and see for yourself”. In this, the initiate becomes an acolyte believer, initiated into the Buddhas’ path and…

  • The Buddhas Teachings of The Four-Noble Truths

    The Four-Noble Truths as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha. Being the first sermon that Shakyamuni taught the Four-Noble Truths after his coming of enlightenment (an awakening to the truth of reality). There are many teachings that go into great depths and details about these truths, however, many of the teachings are biased by the teachers culture…

  • Common misconceptions about zen

    Zen Buddhism, like any complex philosophy or spiritual tradition, is subject to various misconceptions. Here are some common ones: Generated by ChatGPT

  • The western mind



    We all have these ideas of what ‘Zen is’ however we eventually come to understand that the ‘ideas of what Zen is’ are viewed as naive and childish. Popular culture tends to present a view of Zen that is overly-romanticized intertwined with this ‘Hollywood mysticism’, superhuman abilities, and mythic view that is utterly unachievable and…

  • Let’s delve into the differences between Christianity and Stoicism



    These two belief systems have distinct origins, teachings, and perspectives on life. Here’s an overview: In summary, while Stoicism and Christianity differ significantly, they share common ground in their pursuit of inner peace, service, and answers to life’s fundamental questions. Whether through self-reliance or divine grace, both offer paths to a meaningful existence. 🌟🙏🏼 Generated by…