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The Dark World of New Age Gurus

The Dark World of New Age Gurus (Documentary)

A documentary on the dark truth of the Secular Humanist New Age religions that exposes con artists, MLM’s and get rich schemes have used religion to profit off the spiritual needs of others.

New Age and New Thought is a pseudoscience religion built by con artists and grifters as a means to make money from the ignorant and uneducated spiritual seekers.

In Buddhism, as well as in Christianity, secular humanism has also coopted Zen in creating a Secular Buddhism (false teachings) where much of the same problems that this documentary points out.

Only through the development of critical thinking skills and asking the hard questions, do we come to know the truth of the secular humanist New Age / New Thought and pseudoBuddhist / pseudoZen teachings.

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One thought on “The Dark World of New Age Gurus

  • Did spiritual Philosophy get lost and confused by New Age Gurus and pseudo intellectuals? These gurus are onto a good thing as far as money making is concerned.


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