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MENTICIDE and the way out of it

We live in a time of Mass Psychoses. See the video MENTICIDE to understand what this is. Most people have no idea that they are in a psychotic state of mind, that they are being manipulated and controlled. Most just want things to go back to ‘Normal’ and will do whatever is asked of them to get that, including horrifical acts against humanity, unethical deeds, and even crimes against humanity. We have been living in an anti-Buddhist way, an aDharma style, for a very long time, and have come to call this ‘normal’: We are excessive, petty, narrow-minded, selfish, and greedy. As the video MENTICIDE, creating a parallel society in where we can show people how to live without fear, without terror, without the Evil – IS THE ONLY WAY OUT. Lets us ponder how THEY, the EVIL that is inflicting the Mass Psychosis do this

  • Separation – single-family homes, separation of children from parents at an early age, women in the workplace, elderly in elder-care and retirement homes.
  • Propaganda – TV, Movies, Internet, Computers, and of course CELL PHONES that now everyone is addicted to where they can consume your attention 100% of the time and tell you what to think
  • Financial – They get you to consume, to be greedy, wasteful, and excessive. You spend your money on useless things only to further fall into their debt traps and become more manipulated by them.

The three items above are just the top of the list of what they have been doing to control you, to keep you from rising up, to keep you in a psychotic state of mind! The way out

  1. Multi-generational homes, homes with multiple families. Homeschool for the children, and the women stay home to care for children and elders, prepare meals and home crafts.
  2. No TV, Movies, Internet and of course Cell Phones. before all that there were books, people actually talked to each other, social games, dances and festivals, and even home playtime where families would enjoy life together.
  3. Men work businesses and crafts they own in selling crafts or a service that they provide. Use barter, in-kind trade if you must if cash cannot be accepted. You will find many will accommodate.

The above is only a SUGGESTION and is not the only way out. It is up to you to decide if what you are doing right now is working or not, and if you decide it is NOT WORKING.. then chooses something different.


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