The Ultimate Evil of The Final Solution

It has been presented that engaging in genocide, such as a medication mandated that may prevent immediate illness but the long-term effects may be sterilization and future unknown medical issues, is a way to limit the population for what many ‘Elites’ view as the cause of Global Warming. It is said that the Final Solution has been applied, and we are now living in it.

Engaging in “Final solution views” is the quick and easy path, it is the path of Evil. White society actually has been in a decline in population for a long time, its the non-whites that have been seen exploding populations. Why? Mostly because of the sudden loss of their traditional population controls – religion, cultural values have all been upended rather suddenly.

Religious monasticism in where people choose to not have children has been with us since recorded history. Such people were honored and placed in a special position in society. That position they took was vital for many reasons: population control, morality and value keeping, community and cultural torchbearers, and of course to help the people understand their responsibility in society.

This has been upended all in the name of commercial consumerism and capitalistic views of GROWTH! In short, we have been tempted by Evil and we succumbed!

We can wake up, and walk out of the HELL that we have fallen into at any time. There is no need for “Final Solutions”, to further deepen the hell we are currently in.

We simply have to look to the past, to what was, and tell our fellow people the way out.

We must help our fellow humans understand that the Religious life is vital for a healthy population and society for many reasons, and encourage people to return to that healthy lifestyle.


Non-aligned Zen Teacher currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada USA Youtube Channel Website

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