Zen Lifestyle

Zen Lifestyle

The problem

Many people live a chaotic and cluttered life. That only invites disaster, that brings emotions, that brings anger, that brings wars: death and destruction.

The simple life

Zen promotes a simple lifestyle with single purpose, mindfulness. The Zen lifestyle is to promote the Zen meditation, and reduce distractions and hindrances to the Path of Zen.

Means and ways

List of how to live a simple life

  • Work only enough to pay your bills, if you have to
  • Reduce distractions; reduce or eliminate TV, radio, cell phone, computers
  • Eat simply. Vegetarian is not mandatory, just eat healthy and cheaply
  • Wear simple clothing.  Thrift shop clothing will do just fine.
  • Avoid needless spending
  • Devote your free time to meditation, reading, ceremony if you want. Make it a routine you do every day

Hindrances and obstacles

The goal is to live a lifestyle that allows you to focus on the Path of Zen. 

Beware of:

  • Making an ego out of The Path of Zen
  • Turning yourself in to a clown – Zen LARPing
  • Alienating those around you – they see you as weird, troubling or even dangerous.
  • Blaming others, anger at society or the politics.

Choose Wisely

Not all places are conducive or hospitable to the Zen Path lifestyle

  • Cities with high rent, taxes, or other conditions may prevent you from a simple lifestyle
  • Areas where the indigenous culture is openly hostile to outsiders

Hobbies and crafts

You may want to pick up a craft or trade work.

  • Gardening
  • Sewing
  • Woodworking
  • Teaching. writing/video ( like me )
  • Providing a study space for others (Zen Center)
  • Research and other religious works
  • other?
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