Zen Talk

What is a Zen Talk, Dharma, and The Buddha

What is a Zen Talk, Dharma, and The Buddha

Dharma Talk v.s Zen Talk

  • Dharma is the truth as seen from a Buddha
  • The Dharma is what a Buddha says from what they see/observe.

Best way to listen

  • Use your critical thinking
  • Don’t just believe because someone said it

Ask questions

  • No such thing as a stupid question
  • Every question will have a different answer! Even if the same question has been asked.

Be Carefulof what you read

  • Lots of garbage zen books out there!
  • Many Zen books impart nihilism and deny the soul
  • Many Zen books is about the Japanism and the LARPING (Live Action Role Playing) lifestyle, and not about actual Zen


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