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What are Dharma Talks

What are Dharma Talks

What is Dharma

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates as ‘To carry/to hold’, and 

The Dharma is that what is spoken from a Buddha.

Sutras are records of what a Buddha has said.

The Living Sutras?

For a living person to declare themselves to be giving a Dharma Talk is implying that they are The Buddha and they are speaking new Sutras.

If you were to ask those who give these Dharma talks if they are a Buddha and if what they are saying is New Sutras, they would say “Of course not”

So, if you were to ask why then they call it Dharma Talks,

They just say because it’s Tradition and Style – meaning ‘They don’t know why’!

Those who just blindly follow Tradition and Style will only lead those who follow them down the same blind roads and allies.

False Buddhas

Beware of the False Buddha!

For it is false “Flesh Buddha” will only lead one to disaster

The REAL Dharma Talk

It is through the stories in the Sutras that we are transported to the undying immortal place of the Buddha where wisdom and knowledge is imparted, and returned to our mortal lives transformed.

This is a journey that we may take time and time again, each time transformed to eventually become gates ourselves for others to enter and also be transported to the Cosmic Buddha and returned transformed, and the cycle continues till…


The endless gate

Those that help others, becoming a gateway that others travel through to find the Cosmic Buddha, are known as the Bodhisattvas.

It is not enough for one to want to become a Bodhisattva, one must TRANSFORM oneself through the hard work, that of The Path of Zen. This may take a lifetime of commitment to the path, and even then, one may choose to rebirth back to this moral existence to continue the hard work.

Bewarned, one does not declare themselves a Bodhisattva! No sectarian ritual or position of authority or wearing of robes with various religious ornaments can make one a Bodhisattva. And for those that covet these things, the path to Buddhahood is forever barred!


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