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Sorcery and Magic

sorcery and magic

Tibetan rebirth, curses, and wealth

Tibetian monks use Prayer (Puja) as a means to direct the mind-energies for specific causes:

  • Favorable rebirth,
  • Curses towards their enemies,
  • For wealth, favorable conditions, and health

Other Buddhist sects use similar mass-prayer/meditation for a desirable effect. The Zen Temples of Japan and China recite a prayer to kanzeon (Local Chinese Deity) for protection and Raijin and Fujin (Japanese local deities) for protection against fire and flood.


Monks and nuns in just about all Buddhist traditions will perform meditations and ceremony (puja) for the healing of others. Typically, this is for someone they directly know about with a particular health issue, and not just healing at-large.

People with health/mental issues are often instructed to perform specific ceremonies (puja), to recite specific mantras or read out loud specific sections of a Sutra (writings of a Buddha).

Does it work? I would have to say that my own investigation is inconclusive, though I have seen people who are terminally ill, live far longer than western medicine would have given them.


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