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Secular Buddhism

Secular Buddhism

Religion is a four letter world %$#@!

Religion defined ‘is a path to the absolute’. This implies two things:

  1. That you are Truly a spiritual being (a soul) – that this flesh/body/phenomenon is illusion, and
  2. There is an undying, eternal, emancipation from #1

All religious paths provide means of ‘purification of the soul’, and those means are numerous and many all depending on the times, place and needs of the soul needing purifying.  Sounds good right?  However…


As in all things, hustlers are out there to make personal material gains from others. You see the hustlers all the time in business (Pyramid schemes), investment opportunities, and especially in religion. 

Fake religion only creates spiritual harm on others, and those harmed are liken to view all religion as FAKE.

Fake Religion

Here is how to spot a fake religion:

  1. Placing emphasis on material gains (money, cars, houses, jets), 
  2. Places mortal comforts over spiritual gains (feelings of tranquility and the justification of them)
  3. Denies the soul, a path of purification of the soul, and liberation of the soul from suffering
  4. Puts their words as equal or higher than the Scriptural teachings

The act of ultimate evil is to not only deny the purification of ones soul, but to keep them away from the path and intentionally inflict more spiritual wounds/blemishes on the soul

Secular humanism

At its core, secular humanism is a philosophy that is atheistic and utterly denies that there is a spiritual self (a soul), and transcendence  (liberation of the soul). This philosophy uses secular morality, science, and political reasoning as a means to thrive in this manifold-phenomenal-suffering existence.

Secular humanism in Buddhism & Zen

In my last video, ‘Christian Rejects’, I explained how secular humanism came to buddhism and especially Zen though the Humanistic reformation.

In summary, the Secular Humanist create a ‘Buddhism-lite or Zen-lite’ through reinterpretation (twisting the teachings) and defining key terms in the teachings of buddha to say:

  • No-soul, therefore no path of soul purification, thus nothing to escape from!
  • Through ethics and rule following; happiness and peace of mind can be found

Of course the above is a Spurious teaching (false teaching) and anti-Buddhism. Those that teach this secular humanist position cannot be said to be Buddhist or on The Path of Zen.

The case for a liberation ontology

The teachings of the Bhramayana – Path to the absolute, what Siddhartha originally taught, is a liberation ontology based in wisdom. Today we call this teaching Buddhism.

To deny the existence of The Soul, is to deny the entire teachings of Buddha, and thus deny that there is a Path to the Absolute and a liberation ontology based in wisdom!  

Those that then use Buddhism and Zen ‘in-name-only’ to promote a ‘Feel-good’ secular philosophy based on moralism and rule following; cannot be said to be Buddhist or on The Path of Zen, and could be property termed as Heretics because they propagate false teachings and a false path.

Finally, the entire doctrine of Buddhism completely falls apart, becomes meaningless and confusing, when the belief of The Soul existence is removed.


So, a lot of what is going on these days rides on populism, that being what is in vogue and what ordinary people see as trendy and elite.Those who preach populist religion always present a ‘quick and easy path’, where people are looking to ‘jump to the end and obtain enlightenment’ without having to do any commitments of the hard work (soul purification).

George Lucas studied the works of Joseph Campbell, a comparative mythology and comparative religion, prior to is writing of Star Wars


  • Secular Humanism in Buddhism, is a soul-denying anti-Buddhist philosophy and,
  • Populism always appeals to those who want the ‘quick and easy’ path – a ‘feel good’ philosophy of moralism and rule-following.

For those who truly feel the weight of the scars and blemishes on their soul, it does not take them that long to realize that these populist philosophies that beard themselves (disguises) as Zen or Buddhism, do nothing at all for their spiritual wounds and sickness.

With all the confusion created,that being the  muck and junk out there pretending to be Buddism and The Path of Zen (fake paths); it becomes exceedingly difficult to the point of frustration (creating more spiritual wounds) for most people to learn and understand the true path of to the absolute.

However, the true teachings are always there, seen as liken to a spark of light through the murky waters, that for those who are sincere and able, can attain.


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