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Proof that Buddhism is True

Proof that Buddhism is True

Proof that Buddhism is real

This is a phrase from the Pali language, that Buddha used. This term is derived from the Sanskrit phrase “ehi, paśya”. Ehipassiko is loosely translated as “come and see for yourself”

Genchi Genbutsu

Here is how to know that Buddhism is True

  • In your waking conscious (everyday awareness) your soul is like an emitter of light that shines just behind and slightly above your head. This is the illumination of phenomena!
  • When you become still, and still your mind – Zazen (see my video on zazen), your soul moves to the lower bottom of your skull, and your soul illuminates your mind! You become aware of a glow-light!
  • At that moment, you need to let go, to renounce everything you are holding on to, and fall into the glow-light of your soul.
  • When you do that, you will know your soul, and absolutely know from that moment forward that what the Buddha is teaching is True.

Enlightenment is only the beginning

When one knows one’s own soul, that is often called Enlightenment. When you first know your soul that moment is known as Kencho in Japanese, and when you enter and re-enter your own soul to receive spiritual knowledge and wisdom, that is known as Samadhi/Gnosis.

For many, becoming enlightened is easy.  It happened to me within a short time of my performing Zazen, so it can happen for you just as easily. Yet, for others because of doubts, fears, and held-convictions, enlightenment seems to never come and is as far away as the moon is – they can see it but not attain it.

Enlightenment is not the end of the path in Zen, for actually it’s only the beginning, and sort of a prerequisite before one can traverse The Path of Zen and engage in the Soul-purification liberation as taught by Siddhartha Gautama.

Secular Humanist hindrances

In today’s schools of Zen and Buddhism at-large, the philosophies of secular humanism have corrupted and twisted the teachings to become an soul denying, feel-good, moralistic, and rule-following teachings, and is NOT what the Buddha taught, nor is it The Path of Zen.

So, what I am saying on my website and videos most likely will seem to be the opposite of what the Zen Centers teach, what the popular Zen books may be saying, and what even a shaved-head, robe-wearing priest who displays religious ornaments and touts position and rank may teach!  

Yet, as the Buddha of old said, “Come see for yourself”. No harm can come to you for just ‘seeing for yourself, I can promise you that.

Trust the teachings of The Buddha, and doors will open!


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