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Armchair Buddhism

So, here are a short list of sites that you can find Internet Buddhism on:


What you find on these forums is mostly men whom perhaps read a few Buddhist and Zen books, and now assume they know everything about Zen Buddhism and what the Buddha actually taught. This is what is often termed Armchair Warriors.

A great challenge of life:  Knowing enough to think you are right, but not knowing enough to know you are wrong. – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Common mistakes made by Internet Zennist

A list of very common mistakes and notions by the Internet Warriors:

  1. Denial of the soul. They buy-into the Secular Humanist reinterpretation of Buddhism and Zen,
  2. Denial of a path of purification, because they deny the existence of a soul
  3. Deny any Liberation ontology because they deny the soul and any path of purification

In short, they deny Buddhism, and replace it with a Secular Humanist sanitized Buddhist-lite philosophy that is utterly useless

Your banned!

The Armchair Warriors don’t like to discuss, be challenged, or especially be proven how wrong they are. All to often the likely outcome is:

  1. Deleting the post that offend them,
  2. Banning the users that post anything that counter their narrative!

As you can see by now, these Internet Buddhist forums and chat-rooms only become an echo-chamber with the closed community of followers in those chat-rooms and forums.

My only advice to you is: If you venture in to those forums, just beware!

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