Zen Head-games

Oh, I have run across many clever dicks in my time. Many Zen Center Roshis are very clever dicks in that they know how to steer the conversation in a way to imply that they know and are enlightened; and you are not! LOL!

Slick they are; slippery as eels too.

Yet, that is not Zen. Unfortunately, many ignorant young men mimic them badly, thinking it is Zen, then wonder why everyone hates them so. I remember talking to one of the Transmitted at a Zen center who complained bitterly as to why everyone hated him, he went running back to the Roshi asking why was his enlightenment so broken!

Head-games can be found everywhere. The corporate world is filled with them, so is the dating scene, strip clubs, gyms, YMCA basketball courts and of course religion in every sense and corner.

I simply CHOOSE to not play. You come to me, I tell you exactly what I think and what the truth as I see it is. I also will do anything to help you, to ease your suffering and pain…within my ability.

Funny thing…i work at this used car lot for the time being. People come to look at the cars and I tell them how shitty the cars are, all the problems with them and what is fucked up about the car they are looking at. Yet, they buy the car anyways and thank me for telling them everything and being so nice and accommodating. I actually sell a lot of cars though I simply don’t care if I sell a car or not. The boss knows I talk like I do, and he is like “perhaps we don’t tell them everything”, and I am like “So there is a problem?” and he is like, “no, no…everything is fine”. I know that in a head-game shop they bounce my ass out the door so fast because I don’t play their games, because I CHOOSE TO NOT PLAY.


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