Zazen is not Zen

If you go to a Western Zen Center, you will be told that Zazen is Zen. This “Zazen” is the martial-arts practice of sitting on a cushion in a Buddha pose to achieve Samadhi (a state of ‘no-mind’) in where a heightened state of mind of ‘Knowing without thinking’ is manifested or what is better termed as Intuition.

Yet, intuition is not just found in meditation, or sitting on a cushion in a Buddha pose, however, to bring forth this heightened mind-state of Samadhi to the every-day-world is the essence of Zen, and what makes one the Zen Master.

Though this sounds easy enough to achieve, for many it’s impossible due to their own clinking to notions of ‘what is and what is not’ (karma) and the cultural and political brainwashing (Karma with the capital K) that one has to unwind and let-go.

For many who come to the Western Zen Centers, there is a great temptation to LARP (Live Action Role Playing) in a cultural appropriation performance that only becomes more delusion and hindrance for the student to overcome. Teachings such as from the Japanese Zen instructor Dogen, twist Zen to be nothing more than a Martial Arts, that of sitting in a Buddha posture, in a hall. This Martial Arts later was adapted by the warrior class in Japan to develop Hara, a spiritual power-strength that is desired with Martial Arts that allows for a type of Mystical Knowing or ‘second sight’ into things.

Western Students who abide in the LARPing, should take heed. For it is NOT THE BUDDHAS teachings to create more karma, and more suffering!

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