The Tathagata broadcast

Like a radio signal, what is eternally broadcast by the Tathagata is the inconceivable dharma. But few people resonate with this mysterious signal, especially in these materialistic times.

Such people have no faith that there is something beyond the five aggregates and the six senses ( the six senses comprise the “all”, namely, eye forms, the ear and sounds, the nose and odors, the tongue and tastes, the body and tactile objects, the mind and mental phenomena).

Without such faith we cannot proceed on the right path, in fact, the path we are on will only take us to more rebirths. This of course is a false path and there are many such false paths in religions but also in the political world as well.

Most of these political paths do not lead to either prosperity or happiness.  If there is prosperity and happiness it is short-lived.  As the leaders become more corrupt the people likewise become more corrupt.  Society then becomes chaotic.

In my personal voyage of discovery, I found that solitude helps tremendously to set a person on the right path (it forces you to look at yourself, deeply).  It is easier to pick up the Tathagata’s signal.  Words that are spoken or read-only go so far; they don’t impart a Buddha’s wisdom to a person.

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