The Zennist

Religion has been canceled

What would our life be like with the cancellation of the sacred or the same, the religious? Would the sacred change into something external and even psychological? Would our previous inward devotion to the absolute or ultimate reality become a turn towards devotion to secular values?

It might be like turning a personality disorder into a religious quest, a struggle for personal identity such as having the right to be schizoid or narcissistic or a psychopath. In other words, we have the right to be insane!

Submitting to our personal delusions and excesses is not the same as submitting to a higher quest to see our true nature which transcends the all-too-human world with all of its foibles and imperfections. I suspect that this is a displeasing message for those who are attached to their all too human natures; who still regard the idea of freedom in the form of escaping one’s responsibilities which the youthful, immature mind takes delight in.

Very much of modern culture is still immature (foolishly optimistic) and sees very little wrong with the cancellation of the sacred that ends up getting rid of the religious mind which is on the quest for the absolute which is beyond the dyad of birth and death.


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