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Meaning is not automatically in information

Our current worldview is enveloped in materialism which is a mechanistic way of looking at our existence but certainly not the only way. 

Likewise, meaning is enveloped by information.  But meaning is not automatically in information in fact it usually never is especially in Buddhism.  Information is conveyed interpersonally but meaning is strictly intrapersonal or first-person.  But here our worldview will not allow intuition shed its light on the information.

What Siddhartha realized intuitively was impossible to convey externally, that is, mechanistically.  Still, it was only information, still without meaning as he understood enlightenment.  From this we might briefly conclude that Buddhism sees the world not mechanistically but rather enveloped by absolute meaning.  But few are at this level.

This absolute meaning cannot be imagined or conceived of.  What appears is never other than an illusion of understanding.  This is very difficult for the modern mind to grasp or even accept out of a kind of tentative faith.  But this is where Buddhism is properly situated.

It is not for those who are dreamers; who want to imagine the Buddha as some kind of savior or Buddhism has some kind of savior religion religion where all we have to do is be obedient to the clergy and follow the rules.  Over the long haul this endeavor eventually fails, and I must say, Buddhism has not fared well.

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