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Is political correctness sneaking into the modern Buddhist Sangha?

The Sangha is not an enclave of politically correct people.  Nevertheless, political correctness seems to be sneaking into the modern Buddhist Sangha especially in heavy metropolitan areas.  Some have informed me they were asked to renounce their political incorrectness before they could enter the temple!

But the Sangha of the triple-jewel refuge is not any of this.  It has nothing to do with politics or political correctness.  The first jewel is the Buddha.  It is the spiritual substance that lives within all of us.  The second jewel is Dharma.  It is the spirit’s radiance that lives within the teaching.  The third jewel is the Sangha.  It is the remembrance of absolute spirit.

A true member, Sangha is one who has come into actual contact with spirit.  He or she is in the lineage (gotra) of the Buddhas:  those who have fully awakened to this supreme spirit.

Buddhism, with its nirvana, has always been a path of awakening to spirit which is unconditioned.  It is only by transcending the conditioned that we are saved from the cycles of birth and death.  It is an extraordinary moment in which the last vestige of conditionality is left behind.  At this point we truly enter the triple jewel Sangha.

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