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Buddha and Christ are not mere names

Both terms “Buddha” and “Christ” are not mere names but represent actual spiritual states.  Buddha refers to one who has awakened to the unconditioned, i.e., Spirit, whereas Christ means being anointed by Spirit which is the same as God (it’s very clear in Christianity that God is only Spirit, they are one and the same, Jn 4:24).

Both religions are not in their original form.  Buddhism has changed into nihilism while Christianity worships the flesh which is antithetical to Spirit (prosperity theology is the new Christianity). It gets darker the more we dig down into each religion.

Whether it’s learning sitting meditation, or believing that God hands out financial success to those who love him and support his ministry, both religions have fallen into the worst kind of error.  If you haven’t thought about it this is the price of materialism.  It even extends to science which cannot get beyond materialism.

Mankind has been traveling down the perilous road of materialism for a long time which is tantamount to relying too much on the left hemisphere of his brain while totally neglecting the right hemisphere.  This road moves more and more into the realm of fantasy and emotion where the dark triad of personality rules (machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy).

Not only have we lost the higher vision of the right hemisphere of the brain but we have lost our bearings as well.  We don’t have a compass anymore which is given to us by the spiritual nature of religion.  We have inadvertently constructed a trap which always catches us with new traps, which are more ingenious than the previous ones.  And we call it progress!

Does this mean that all is lost? No, of course not.  It only means that we have to bring back the the part of our brain that has been misused, abused, and ignored.  The Buddha and Christ never died but the materialist thinks they are dead and maybe one day may return!  But with true realization of the Spirit comes the real truth that reaches far beyond the confines of materialism with its maddening paradoxes.

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