To the casual observer, the events of life flow-on in liquid succession.

To the causal observer, the events of life emanate and are influenced through their perspective.

And yet, the casual observer’s most remote perceived events have an effect on them, whether they know it or not. Historical events long passed relative to the timeline started at birth casually enter awareness, are categorized and recycled within a dream. The dream is that past, present, and future are real.

The causal observer sees events as being influenceable through their perspective. Being great fans of determinism, they work for their wealth. Things they do not have, they attempt to get.

And yet, the causal observer cannot always get what he or she wants.

Just as the causal observer is created through birth, God, and Gods are born to invoke what is desired to manifest for the causal observer. Here there is an acknowledgement that there is a will beyond the causal observer’s volition.

The casual observer who’s will to transcend conditions is more neutral, has little or no need to focus and fuse with Gods and Gods. Being fed by the system or disappointed with human affairs, atheism is very popular within their ranks.

However, both causal and casual observers are virtual realities.

The Diamond Sutra States, “Past Mind is Ungraspable, Present Mind is Ungraspable, Future Mind is Ungraspable”.

Well, we can take this perplexing statement at face value and, content as a casual observer, build a content mental framework around something still outside and beyond us.

After all, “The Buddha said it, and it’s therefore got to be right!”

The causal observer’s nature is to prove the truth of The Diamond Sutra.

Both casual and causal observers live in the same world. The same realm of consciousness predicated along a common timeline starting with birth and the surrounding events at that point of birth onward.

This realm of consciousness is called Samsara.

Without considering the animal world we share in body; the nature of Samsara is its savage nature ranging from painful childhood bullying and being bullied to getting shot in the back of the head and kicked into a ditch by military police.

Samsara is the realm of eat or be eaten with the inevitability of eat and be eaten.

There is a cherished wish that within this living realm that savagery would abate and disappear.

And, in Canada and America this state of being has been approached for the causal observer who works for what they get. However, contained within this elevated form of Samsara are throngs of casual observers who, from the deep comfort of their basement couches, feel privileged by nature to receive handouts generated by their very being. They are a self-proclaimed Royalty inheriting a causal throne while hating their successful parental wage earners that allowed them their lifestyle. They deeply desire to bring the whole system down with equality. Anybody who shows ability and naturally receives reward from fusion with Source called work must be brought down to the collective basement level of the casually driven.

These denizens of Samsara create a morphine drip for the rest of humanity shorting out the Aryan vow to transcend the constraints of Samsara by actively living The Eight-Fold Path.

The First Aryan (Noble) Truth is life is suffering. Being alive means our self is defined by this realm of things started at birth and ending in sickness and death. It follows that this realm of living is a realm of suffering.

Upon hearing this truth, some people tend to stop listening, become glaze-eyed, smile, look to the sky and say it isn’t so. This is the perspective of the casual observer living in a dogmatic mental fabric where all things are givens, and when those givens are not met, violent tantrums erupt.

All great art, science, and engineering arise from suffering or its ever-present potential. When fully entering these practices of mind, self fuses with what is created and disappears.

Although this fusion is not permanent and even though people return to their personal problems and habits, it exists, nonetheless.

This fusion by doing is nothing other than fusion with God, or The Gods. We become creators, and what we create must harmonize with God/Source, otherwise it will not be workable and useful.

A reciprocating internal combustion engine at the heart of motorcycles, cars and trucks must be a fusion of mind and Source, otherwise it’s just a conglomeration of shaped metal, and we go nowhere with it.

Casual observers will be quick to point out that fusion with creation is hubris without realizing that by doing so fully allows self, big or small, to dissolve as if it never was.

Here is realization of Buddha Mind.

Science, technology, and art are easily subverted into dissonance with what is natural and right. That said, science, technology, and art are mind practices leading to personal fusion of self and Universe through the optics of practiced disciplines, their Hermetic roots ever present yet historically forgotten.

The Buddha’s Dhyana is the most direct fusion of self and Source. By being The Eight-Fold Path, it encompasses the disciplines of science, technology and art.

And, just as with science, art, and technology The Eight-Fold Path sometimes known as Zen can be used and subverted into what is wrong instead of right.

When practiced in purity, the Hermetic Path and Dhyana fuse.

True self is realized in doing, failing, then getting up, dusting off and trying again. There may be a result to focus on, such as Enlightenment, but the more we practice, the more this sought-for Enlightenment becomes a virtual image never attained.

In this way, the quest for Enlightenment is of the highest use. Truly immersed within this wonderful endless Practice, we realize the illusory nature of self, time, space, birth and death.

This Truth is expressed as,

“To know all The Buddhas of Past, Present and Future, perceive that Dharmadhatu Nature is all created by Mind.” – The Avatamsaka (Flower Ornament) Sutra

Admission into Samsara is birth.

Birth is the condensation of elements of Source as a result of karma.

Karma is modified by our choice from one increment of time to the next whereas time itself is a result of our condensation into this troubled realm of birth, suffering and death.

Most souls condense within this realm are casual observers sailing the sea of Samsara without a compass.

Few realize the imperative of finding a guidance system and charts to navigate to The Other Shore beyond Samsara.

And many of those make the practice of doing so a self-edifying performance art thereby breaching their hull on sharp rocks hidden below the surface of a virtual shore they thought they had attained.

Bodhisattvas are Enlightening Beings. As such, they appear as teachers in this troubled living realm. They do so out of active choice to free others from the turbulent seas of Samsara.

And whether conscious of it or not, they choose to be born in this realm of suffering to help others realize a way beyond birth, affliction, and death.

Thus, they actively teach Buddhadharma within this realm.

This realm exists because its nature is choice. We have the choice of casually living life like a passenger on a cruise ship sailing through an ice field, or causally influencing the course we take through our direct choice.

The causal choice branches into two options. The first is entering practices that bring about abundance and great wealth.

Why is this path taken?

Because it presents itself as the easy way by satisfying or sating craving. When taken as a practice, it becomes satanism with all that word implies, locking those practitioners into cause and effect, the endless wheel of karma.

The second choice is to transcend birth, suffering, and death by entering a Path outside the manifestations of cause and effect.

The Eight-Fold Path is the Way of Transcending karma and its manifestation called Samsara in its purest, simplest most direct form.

This is Dhyana (Zen in Japanese).

Dhyana is The Eight-Fold Path.

However, the nature of Samsara changes with time in different ways within different parts of this world.

Freedom of choice which includes freedom of speech is essential for souls to freely enter transcendence. Where there is or has been murderous repression in Communist countries, the Noble or Aryan of citizens kept out of sight and mind of the police state enforcers by fusing with great music, dance, and science through practice. It was, and still is their way of entering Dhyana.

Since 911, there has been a highly intensified effort by the satanic to control the world through their version of globalism.

Thus, their push to instill Communism in The United States and Canada, the effects of which have already brought abject suffering and poverty to countless households.

Under these conditions, freedom of choice narrows into enslavement.

Using the parameters of Samsara, the masters of craving thought they would succeed in their quest for spiritual dominance of our souls.

However, something magical is happening.

Working people are causal perspectives fusing with source and something beyond themselves. They can’t live on handouts, even when offered. In this way they are Aryan or Noble. Being Aryan and Noble is not a racial constraint.

The way the Canadian truckers brought this awareness to the world is being mirrored in a greater way in The United States and elsewhere.

It will be unstoppable.

The depths of satanic depravity of the failing/falling political, religious and media elite has not yet been fully illuminated.

This will soon come into awareness as sure as the sun rises after what seems a long-protracted night.

But know that the potential for affliction to one degree or another will never be eradicated in this realm generated by birth.

Heaven on earth is a contradiction.

Even if approached, it will be impermanent, measured in cycles of time.

The door to transcendence called choice will always be kept open by forces within and beyond our conscious awareness.

This is the true meaning of life.

Laughing Cloud

Born 1953 Mother and Sister fraught with psychological problems Father very stable, a great physical disciplinarian and outwardly nice guy. Whereas my mother was plainly seen as a "nutter" receiving electroshock by the gurus of psychiatry, my Dad was my hero building from scratch his own airplane, and proficient in machine tooling. However, he treated me as his audience more than his son/student. Inexplicably, at age 13, upon hearing a recording of Bach's Toccatas and fugues played on the Luneburg Organ in Northern German, an instrument that Bach himself played, I became obsessed with classic organs, harpsichords and clavichords. My Dad helped me build a harpsichord when I was 16. I began learning Bach's inventions and other works. I think he was hoping it was a temporary phase I was going through. It wasn't. My Dad also supplied me with wonderful things like a microscope, and a telescope, and filled me with a fascination of physics, especially electrostatics. Enrolled in Honours Physics at University of Waterloo. Studied astrophysics and advanced math. At same time, began reading books on Zen. Became deeply disillusioned with physics, yet maintained a respect and love for it. In 1975, after a year or two practising on my own, I became a student of Roshi Philip Kapleau. Spent 20 years within that teaching line, going to and conducting many sesshins/retreats, becoming second in command at The Toronto Zen Centre. As a form of Zen practice, I built classic organs, clavichords and harpsichords in my small shop north of Toronto. I became aware I was being secretly smeared by the recently Kapleau transmitted junior teacher in the Toronto Zen Centre called Zenson Gifford, but, believing in the system, didn't give it much thought. After all, the form of teaching I was practising was working for me, so I believed in it and tried my best to facilitate others to do the same. However, the most horrid experience of my life to that point in time was when it became obvious to both my wife and myself that the Kapleau transmitted Zenson was seducing my beautiful 16 year old step daughter while I was away on a long business trip, causing my wife to physically attack him. Zenson, freaked out and phoned the cops, who arrested her, put her in cuffs and took her to a psych hospital in Toronto where, when I arrived found her in a padded cell wrapped in a straight jacket. I was told by the "Dharma Brother" of Zenson, who had also received transmission from Roshi Kapleau, to "keep a low profile" and that Zenson would receive psychological care while remaining an "enlightened teacher". I found this ridiculous. On my own I had studied enough psychology to realize that what we were dealing with was an out and out psychopath, yet I remained ignorant of the rumours spreading about him because I had faith in the system. And now, after talking to his transmitted "Dharma Brother" who had taken over the Rochester Center, I began to get the feeling he too shared the same mental architecture. His idea was that since I had so much seniority to lose, I'd shut up, stay round and not cause trouble. Zenson fed lies about me to his closest confidants, while apparently either attempting to or succeeding in seducing their wives. And here Bodhin Kolhede, a psychology graduate, married to a psychologist, and transmitted heir of Roshi Kapleau, was saying that this sexual predator/psychopath could be treated by a psychologist. As I told Bodhin, that would prove to be futile. I was proven right. So I simply left that teaching line with my family. And my "closest friends" told me it was the right thing to do even though I knew they had plans of their own. I immediately began practice with Master Sheng-yen.............which is another long story of strange and powerful inconsistencies spanning geopolitical structures very pertinent to what is going on in The US today. My 10 or so year tenure with Master Sheng-yen is still very much a Hua-tou or koan that I reflect on. It was at the exact time as 911 that I stopped going to retreats with Master Sheng-yen, and begin practising to this day as a Dhyana/Chan/Zen hermit with my wife Barb. And it was during this most recent period that insights emerging from the full spectrum of human experience came into illumination. I spend a lot of time writing, and have published two books on Amazon. The first is really still a work in progress and goes into detail what happened at the Rochester and Toronto Zen Centers. I simply had to get it off my chest. I did however, change the names of the guilty, not so much to protect them, but that I found making them real was not something I wanted to magnify, given the fact that they themselves proved to be false. That book is titled Taking the Buddha's Teaching by Master Laughing Cloud, available on Amazon.

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