The Guanyin Mantra

This article is about how to invoke the Bodhisattva Guanyin (Kuan Yin ) equivalent to Avalokiteśvara in Tibet (the essence of the Dalai Lama).
Guanyin is known as the “Goddess of mercy” according to the Jesuits who first encountered Buddhism, equivalent to Saint Maria in the Catholic religion.
Mahayana Buddhists (Zen, Pureland, Tibetan) all pray to Guanyin for help when ill, when in need, to and help others in troubled times.

First step:
Bring up the image of Guanyin (A photo or statue would also work too), or even the essence of compassion in your mind.

Step two:
Make an offering, incense of a pleasant order (flowery or soothing), if lacking physically, then just imagine making an offering.

Step three:
Humbleness, bowing or lowing oneself to one’s knees in an act of humbleness.

Step four:

I honor the Enlightened one (Buddha)
I honor the teachings (Dharma)
I honor the community of Buddhists (Sangha)

Step five:
Envoke the bodhisattva by name, then ask for help, and state what help you want. Here is an example

Oh Bodhisattva Guanyin, deliver of those in need,
By your divine mandate, I implore you with my deepest resolve to help us pass through these hardships and dissolve them.
Hail Guanyin… Glory be

Step six:
Stand up, if on your knees, or make a bow if standing. If in front of a statue or picture, back away calmly and slowly.

Image of Guanyin 

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