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The Authorized Dark Zen Meditation Manual of Buddhism

Dark Zen Meditation is a method designed for entering into communion with the superessential light of the Buddha. It involves a different approach to what is generally known as “following the breath,” and for those of who are of pure intent, converging with this light is tantamount to directly sensing the Buddha’s true teaching. Letting this light dwell within ensures that you will eventually reach the far shore of liberation.

The overall mission of Dark Zen is to preserve the mystical tradition of Zen Buddhism against the encroachment of secularism. Dark Zen understands that secularism promotes worldly values as distinguished from spiritual ones. Such worldly values corrupt the heart and make it impervious to the Buddhic light. Dark Zen recognizes that much of Buddhism and Zen Buddhism has been over-influenced by secular values.

Dark Zen is non-denominational in the sense the Buddha recognized the true goal of religion is to access the universal spiritual light which is free of suffering. With this comes the end of the terror of rebirth into endless states of suffering. In this regard, Dark Zen is the friend of all religions which teach the ultimate path of light. For it is by accessing this divine light and returning to its power that all suffering is finally put to an end.



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