The Aryan Dharma of Buddhist Concept

After spending over fifty years devoted to The Buddha’s Dhyana, I offer this collection of ideas.

The nature of this living realm is not one of peace and quiet. It is our dynamic presence that is both uncertain and at the same time transcendent that defines our consciousness.

The nature of this living realm is never static.

Recently, there has been a great move to enslave our Aryan Spirit by removing freedom of choice. This is the function of greed, hatred, and ignorance.

The entities behind this move always want more. Because their rabid lust for more and more separates them from Nature beyond the defining parameters of this living realm, they are far more stupid than they think they are.

Thus, the pendulum of human affairs is quietly and brutally shifting away from enslavement without being filtered through a lying mainstream media.

This was and is necessary.

But, so long as we are dependent on seeing things as things rather than their True Nature no different than Ours, we will remain like flies stuck in the flypaper of cause and effect.

However, in continually opening our inner eye through the simplest of Correct Meditation, things stop being things. Even the most mundane thing can become vibrant and fascinating.

And this is where we as Aryans are of the greatest compassion. We offer help to those locked between birth and death to realize liberation from birth and death without changing the nature of birth and death.

If we were only manifestations of karma, then there is really no way beyond. We choose to be born in this human form to help others locked in the endless cycle of cause and effect by realizing for ourselves ongoing Enlightenment………that from the very first, Nothing Is.

If we satisfy ourselves with things as they arise without deep heartfelt examination, then the True Nature of Space and Our Earth will always be outside our living consciousness.

Is this a real option?

So, it is of the utmost importance to illuminate The Buddha’s Correct Meditation so that we have a wonderful portal to continually fuse with Buddha Mind/The Universe.

Here there is no attainment called enlightenment.

There is just ongoing Enlightenment with no beginning or end.

I guess it would be a good idea to clear up certain terminology used in Buddhism.

The language of Buddhism is Sanskrit, which is the marvelous poetic means of communication of the Aryans. It is what is now called an Indo-European Language.

Sanskrit shares the same mind poetry roots as Latin, German and English.

Because of the result of great historic and media falsehoods, the word Aryan has been intentionally given a negative evil connotation in the West.

However, the Sanskrit word “Aryan” simple means “Noble”.

The symbolism of The Aryans who entered Afghanistan and Northern India included the wheel and the Swastika.

Many Buddha figures in both China and Japan have Swastikas painted on their chests.

Buddhist Swastica

Other similar forms of Aryan symbolic writing include Norse Runes such as Algiz. Algiz when upright means protection and nurturing, and when inverted means death and destruction. It is not trivial that The Peace Movement Symbol advertised by mainstream media is Algiz inverted. The magic of this inverted rune brings about death and destruction despite the best wishes of those who wear it.

Aryan Algiz

Until the onslaught of Roman Christianity, the European view of self and Universe was Vedic in nature. Similar Gods, and much the same symbolic imagery.

The Swastika represents a vortex, the fundamental way energy and matter interact. On a macro scale, galaxies are vortices centred around mass singularities.

The Aryan word Dhyana means meditation.

The Hellenistic Buddhist monk Bodhidharma was the first Patriarch of the Chan or Zen teaching in China.

His Spartan Aryan roots brought martial arts to Shao-lin Monastery along with a direct laconic communication that characterized the wonderful interactions of Zen masters and students, later recorded as koans.

Due to language differentials, over the years Dhyana changed in pronunciation to Channa, then abbreviated to Chan, and when arriving in Japan, became Zen.

Sitting meditation must never take the place of Buddhist Concept. Both practices must be mutually re-enforcing. If not, student/teacher disasters emerge as has been proven in American Zen.

The Buddha’s Dhyana cannot be equated with sitting meditation.

If it were equated in such a way, it would be totally useless. Then the only Buddhas or Enlightened Ones would be wood, bronze or die-cast metal shapes, placed on a mantle, and dusted off ever-so-often.

However, those who really don’t truly enter sitting meditation beyond its mere posture are no different, are they?

A true difficult-to-master art such as machining up a component for an engine on a vertical mill or engineering lathe demands attention – demands fusion with the act of creation. Unless you sit in meditation with the urgent question of birth, suffering and death gently smouldering deep within you like a bunker fire in a cruise ship, you’ll be nothing more than a die-cast buddha taken out of its box at faculty cocktail parties and public auctions.

The Buddha’s Dhyana encompasses all things…………..walking, playing music, the arts, martial arts, the act of creation in laboratories and machine shops, cleaning a toilet that appears as though it was blown to earth from the Space Shuttle Challenger, forking shit in the barn…

However, due to the urgent nature of ongoing birth into this realm of the senses, perception generated by this savage realm of birth, suffering, and death blinds us to the Nature of The Universe generated by our senses, and therefore blinds us to Our True Nature.

This is called clinging to form.

Because of this blindness, we need a refuge wherein the portal of The Buddha’s Dhyana is most obvious.

This takes the form of sitting meditation.

But like everything else, clinging mind can get stuck in the image of sitting meditation when not consumed by the inner fire of questioning born of the uncertainties of life. Then sitting becomes static and the practitioner might as well be filled with kapok along with their cushion.

The same applies with martial arts. Get stuck in the form and you really look good and all-powerful until that fateful moment when a real embodiment of trouble appears on your event horizon.

It is then that your ass gets handed to you.

And it is here where, along with sitting meditation as a refuge, Sutra recitation/study with a mind of questioning is essential.

One of the simplest of Sutras to take to heart unceasingly is the Heart Sutra in its abbreviated form. There are many English translations of this Sutra, some very good and others subtly misleading.

It is within the best of these translations wherein it is plainly stated, “There is no wisdom or any attainment. With nothing to attain, Bodhisattvas (Enlightening Beings) have no fear. Having no fear, there is no obstructions in the mind and they depart far from confusions and imaginings reaching ultimate Nirvana…”

Enlightenment associated with sitting meditation is an effective marketing tool. And along with this marketing tool is one of attainment, namely Zen transmission.

Zen transmission relies on the idea that there is something to transmit. And of course, everyone wants something. Nowhere is this found in Buddhist Concept, save for the very dubious story of the Buddha twirling a lotus flower and Mahakasyapa smiling. In seeing his smile, the Buddha gave Mahakasyapa mind transmission.

Why is it that the main teaching within Buddhist Concept is Realization of The True Nature of all things including self, gives this True Nature is a special quality called Sunyatta, then blows it all by giving Mahakasyapa public transmission?

Now that said, there is a different recount of the story whereupon seeing The Buddha twirling a lotus, Mahakasyapa burst out LAUGHING.

How many fake gurus these days twirl lotus flowers? Was it any different then?

Direct Transmission of Buddha Mind certainly does exist.

But this Transmission is secret. It cannot be given or taken in the public arena of things. Song of Mind starts with “This Secret Transmission, Guard it Well”. Over the years I’ve seen and experienced the evil that comes of this concept of given and taken transmission.

It’s a Hollywood Oscar Night of the soul.

The Sanskrit word Sunyatta has no correct equivalent in English.

It, like the Japanese word Mu, or the Mandarin word Wu, are only approximately translated.

In the case of Sunyatta, which characterises the nature of form, it is translated as Emptiness.

Emptiness implies the opposite of fullness and misleads the mind into an endless maze of opposites.

It is the realization of true freedom of body, mind and spirit that, in an instant beyond timelines, untrimmed mazes of thorns inhabited by voracious demons vanish as if they never were.

Laughing Cloud

Born 1953 Mother and Sister fraught with psychological problems Father very stable, a great physical disciplinarian and outwardly nice guy. Whereas my mother was plainly seen as a "nutter" receiving electroshock by the gurus of psychiatry, my Dad was my hero building from scratch his own airplane, and proficient in machine tooling. However, he treated me as his audience more than his son/student. Inexplicably, at age 13, upon hearing a recording of Bach's Toccatas and fugues played on the Luneburg Organ in Northern German, an instrument that Bach himself played, I became obsessed with classic organs, harpsichords and clavichords. My Dad helped me build a harpsichord when I was 16. I began learning Bach's inventions and other works. I think he was hoping it was a temporary phase I was going through. It wasn't. My Dad also supplied me with wonderful things like a microscope, and a telescope, and filled me with a fascination of physics, especially electrostatics. Enrolled in Honours Physics at University of Waterloo. Studied astrophysics and advanced math. At same time, began reading books on Zen. Became deeply disillusioned with physics, yet maintained a respect and love for it. In 1975, after a year or two practising on my own, I became a student of Roshi Philip Kapleau. Spent 20 years within that teaching line, going to and conducting many sesshins/retreats, becoming second in command at The Toronto Zen Centre. As a form of Zen practice, I built classic organs, clavichords and harpsichords in my small shop north of Toronto. I became aware I was being secretly smeared by the recently Kapleau transmitted junior teacher in the Toronto Zen Centre called Zenson Gifford, but, believing in the system, didn't give it much thought. After all, the form of teaching I was practising was working for me, so I believed in it and tried my best to facilitate others to do the same. However, the most horrid experience of my life to that point in time was when it became obvious to both my wife and myself that the Kapleau transmitted Zenson was seducing my beautiful 16 year old step daughter while I was away on a long business trip, causing my wife to physically attack him. Zenson, freaked out and phoned the cops, who arrested her, put her in cuffs and took her to a psych hospital in Toronto where, when I arrived found her in a padded cell wrapped in a straight jacket. I was told by the "Dharma Brother" of Zenson, who had also received transmission from Roshi Kapleau, to "keep a low profile" and that Zenson would receive psychological care while remaining an "enlightened teacher". I found this ridiculous. On my own I had studied enough psychology to realize that what we were dealing with was an out and out psychopath, yet I remained ignorant of the rumours spreading about him because I had faith in the system. And now, after talking to his transmitted "Dharma Brother" who had taken over the Rochester Center, I began to get the feeling he too shared the same mental architecture. His idea was that since I had so much seniority to lose, I'd shut up, stay round and not cause trouble. Zenson fed lies about me to his closest confidants, while apparently either attempting to or succeeding in seducing their wives. And here Bodhin Kolhede, a psychology graduate, married to a psychologist, and transmitted heir of Roshi Kapleau, was saying that this sexual predator/psychopath could be treated by a psychologist. As I told Bodhin, that would prove to be futile. I was proven right. So I simply left that teaching line with my family. And my "closest friends" told me it was the right thing to do even though I knew they had plans of their own. I immediately began practice with Master Sheng-yen.............which is another long story of strange and powerful inconsistencies spanning geopolitical structures very pertinent to what is going on in The US today. My 10 or so year tenure with Master Sheng-yen is still very much a Hua-tou or koan that I reflect on. It was at the exact time as 911 that I stopped going to retreats with Master Sheng-yen, and begin practising to this day as a Dhyana/Chan/Zen hermit with my wife Barb. And it was during this most recent period that insights emerging from the full spectrum of human experience came into illumination. I spend a lot of time writing, and have published two books on Amazon. The first is really still a work in progress and goes into detail what happened at the Rochester and Toronto Zen Centers. I simply had to get it off my chest. I did however, change the names of the guilty, not so much to protect them, but that I found making them real was not something I wanted to magnify, given the fact that they themselves proved to be false. That book is titled Taking the Buddha's Teaching by Master Laughing Cloud, available on Amazon.