Terence McKenna – Intuition

Trust your Intuition, what we need to do is return the focus of attention to individual experience. We have been slave too long to ideology transmitted heirarchy and based on a tremendously alienating instrumentality. That’s what science depends on now, a tremendously alienating instrumentality. What we need to do is empower Experience. This is where the Psychedelics come in. Because Citizens don’t take Psychedelics. Because it’s illegal, nothing to Marionettes, neither to Robots none of these well behaved and mechanistic reductionist images of humanity take Psychedelics…..because it’s mis-behaven. Misbehaving is a great Sin, in fact it’s enshrined as the first SIN, you’ll regard that the Psychedelic issue was there in Eden and somebody misbehaved and then they got tossed out forever and so did their Children’s Children into the Chaos of History. It’s interested to read in Genesis why this was — “It was because they will become as we are said Yewah, they will become as we are if that eat from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge”. I suggest to you that this is precisely what we should seek to do. — Terence McKenna


Non-aligned Zen Teacher currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada USA Youtube Channel Website