Seeking, the far side of the enlightenment

What D.T Suzuki termed as “no mind” is actually ‘Intuition’ and in his writings, he states that many times.

The idea of ‘Zen’ is to flow within the Living ‘Buddha Nature’, or what common folk has termed “Being in the Zone”, in where you know without thinking! The Japanese Samurai found this “knowing” to be quite the ally in combat, and can be expressed in the Zen arts such as Archery, Drawing, Pottery, writing, speaking, and in Martial arts in general.

There is absolutely a mystical quality about “being in the Zone” and for those who suddenly find themselves in The Zone, there is this question: How did I get there, and how can I get back?

This is what Zen for the most part answers, and hopes to instruct the student who is paying attention as to how to enter the Zone at any time.
Zen is not Buddhism, more of a Spiritual development that greatly lends to the Path of Enlightenment (Awakening) in where one when Awakened can see the Buddhas path and begin the journey of Liberation.

Zen+Buddhism becomes its “own world” so to say, in where the Zen adept is entering the Intuitive State of Knowing (Samadhi) and maintaining it to the point of total absorption. This is a total Dedication to what I call Religious Mind a vital aspect for any Zen practitioner to develop and maintain.


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