My stupid, simple Zen practice

I have come to realize, now some 20 years, there is not a thing I can say to stop anyone from running headfirst into a blazing fire that will consume them if they honestly believe it will get them something. (ie. Still sitting, guru worship, puja initiations, spiritual meds, and ecclesiasticism).

For those around me, I just live what I believe and know to be true. I don’t do any ‘Performance Arts’ or Public Demonstration. I don’t read Zen books, ‘Throw Quotes’ (aka bible tracks), dress up and play (cosplay), or have a fetish for any foreign culture.

This is what I do, it’s really simple and rather stupid:

Cease Evil: I simply just won’t say or do anything that will create suffering for others or myself.

Do Good: Just to do things that promote the general beneficial welfare of myself and the environment around me

Help others do good: Charity to help end suffering if I can, counseling and advice for those who ask, and encouraging others to cease evil, do good and help others do


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