Moralism as Zen enlightenment?

Master Yunju You said to an assembly:

In formless light there is a real human with no status appearing and disappearing in the triple world, whirling in the five courses of existence, not abandoning the ten bad actions, not realizing the heart of nirvana, not hating breaking precepts, not respecting keeping precepts, not passing winter, not passing summer.

Dear Zen reader,

Many in this subReddit have taken to saying that ‘only by adhering to the Precepts (respectively the 5 precepts) can one be a Zen disciple. This is a rather interesting notion to explore in asking: Can an external set of “Rules” make one a Buddha? (Awakened Mind)

Master Luopu said to an assembly:

You simply must understand the aim outside doctrine; don’t take rules from words.

From the Chinese Song and Tang Zen Masters we get a message from them that Zen is not a doctrine, not a ‘Set of rules’, and definitely not “precept adherence”. Why is this?

Dear reader, do not let the cultist, the dogmatic types, and the guilt-trippers rope your mind to these shallow pits of materialism, for there is no Zen to be found there! Abandon these people and their wicked teachings, embrace the unborn and formless Dharma that is always there, right here and right now.

What do you think dear reader?


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