The Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths

The Noble Truth of Suffering

The Buddha is talking about spiritual suffering, that is what a sentient being feels when deprived, blocked, or simply lost when seeking spiritual salvation.

This suffering deeply affects the very psyche of a being, that we in the West would call ‘Mental Anguish’.

The Noble Truth of the Cause Of Sufferings

Sentient beings become Spiritually Wounded, which creates spiritual suffering from the mental coveting of things not possessed; that is denied, blocked, and seemingly unattainable!

The Noble Truth of the End of Sufferings

The Spiritual Wound remains as long as the cause of of the wounds the remains. The only way to remove the cause of this wound is to relinquish, to renounce the very thing that inflected the wound!

The Noble Truth of the path leading to the End Of Sufferings

Those who are spiritually wounded do not know of the cause of the wound. The Noble Eightfold Path is a means to know the cause of the wounds and is a means to cease the further creation of additional spiritual wounds for yourself and others.

The threefold Path – ‘The middle way’

  • Virtues/Morality
  • Concentration/Mind 
  • Wisdom/Knowledge


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