Proof of the existence of your soul

Proof of the existence of your soul

The ultimate Virtual Reality theater

You are in the ultimate theater, where your five senses (Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch) experience the Phenomena of existence.

How it works

Your SOUL is the lamp that shines its spiritual light on the PHENOMENA that is your body (like a big screen) that is experienced through your five senses, and it is your MIND that reacts to it as in thoughts, emotions, and constructed narratives of what you think the story is that you see is playing out.

So that is how the Ultimate Virtual Reality works


Your body (Phenomena) can only operate for 16 to 18 hours before it needs to shut down and rest.

However, the Soul and Mind are still active and working. When your Phenomenal body is resting, the light of the Soul still shines, but there is no Screen for the light to illuminate, so your MIND, that collection of emotions, thoughts, and constructive narratives – creates a pseudoPhenomina (dreams)!

The Soul Light

The Soul is eternal, never dying, and always shining. This is your True Self, permanent and unchanging

It is this Soul Light that shines on Phenomena and that this illuminated phenomenon is known by the Mind (false self)

Your Mind

Your mind, known as the false self, is all of your thoughts, emotions, and constructed narratives that constantly observe the Phenomena that is always changing and imperminate. 

It is the mind that suffers because it is between the ever decaying and changing Phenomenon and the Eternal undying permanent Soul.

Suffering the Phenomena

Phenomena is impermanent, it rises and falls, it is born and dies, it’s created and decays. It is this that creates suffering that the false self knows through thoughts, emotions, and constructed narratives.

The Nature of the Soul

As to the nature of the Soul, that is the deeper mystery that one can know through contemplation and you can even Liberate the soul from this Phenomenon-Manifesting of Suffering.

Proof of the Soul

The PROOF of the Soul is the through the SUFFERING that the false-self knows (Your mind), that is caught between the periminate undying Soul and the impertinent decaying Phenomena.

For if there was no Soul, there would be no Suffering.

The most important choice you will ever make

You have no control over Phenomena, however, you do have control over your Soul.

You can choose to remain in SUFFERING, or you can choose to Liberate the soul and cease the cycle of SUFFERING.

Really there is only one choice, the most important choice you will ever make, and eventually, you will make the choice.  It’s just how much longer do you want to be in SUFFERING?


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