Law and saviors

First, they come asking, “What are the rules that I have to follow to be a Buddhist?”

There is this Jewification of Buddhism in which the self-convert is wanting to ‘Fit in’ with those who they see are ‘calling the shots‘, so they look for a codex, a lexicon, a tomb of law that they can study, memorize and obey to show loyalty to the elites of the group.

Yet as soon as someone points out the Five Precepts it becomes clear that these are “Suggestions” and not LAW, that they are subjective and personally interpreted, and that there are no ecclesiastical courts or body of Buddhists that will make judgments upon what is or is not of the Precepts.

Realizing this, then there is the Christification of Buddhism in which one simply “Loves the Buddha” or in the case of Zen, One LOVES ZEN Masters. This comes as an overly passionate feeling from such who ‘Throw Quotes’ and expound The Recorded Sayings of Zen Masters all over the forums. Just like the Bible Track Bombers, they carpet bomb everyone with Throwing Quotes.

It may take some time, but eventually, they realize that: There is no Buddha Law (lifestyle or codex), and There is No Buddha Savior. This can take years if not decades to really come to know this…and some never really get past this.

Yet, once a person can walk away from the Law and the Savior, they just might have a shot at actually learning what this Zen is all about, and what the Buddha was actually teaching.

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