Jesus as a Bodhisattva – I think not

The view of Jesus as a “Bodhisattva” is one that I have heard before and I reject.

I have done a lot of research into the “Christian problem”, in some ways to counter their missionary practices, and in other ways to help those who are caught in this ‘False religion’ and to help them come to the Dharma.

The myths of Jesus going to India, Tibet or even Egypt are all false (IMHO) – never happened. All research and scholars come to the conclusion that Jesus and his brother James lived in Nazareth (a tiny town) and were good Jews who followed the Tora. Jesus along with his brother preached the “Return of God” and that the Roman empire that conquered the Jews was falling. If there is one thing that will get you killed fast in the Roman empire, it is sedition.

Jesus preached that GOD would return to the Temple Mount and that the people must purify themselves, and that GOD would only return when the Romans were gone that he was saying would happen soon.

The story of Jesus became a martyr-story when the Romans killed him for sedition, and James continued the ministry of the ‘Return of God’ and the following grew and spread to many nearby cities with the help of the martyr-story.

Many thought Jesus was the Messiah that the Jews were waiting for, but that failed when he did not unite the tribes of Israel, and of course when the Romans killed him because the Messiah is not supposed to be killed like that.

Now, it was Paul who heard the story of Jesus and created a New Religion out of it. Paul wrote much of the New Testament (Religious fiction), and not only declared Jesus to be the Messiah but in fact “GOD IN FLESH”, and creating the Christian Trinity that is the core belief of today’s Christians.

Paul never met Jesus, only claims to have visions of Jesus. Mathew, Mark, and Luke did not write their Gospels, we don’t know who wrote them, We know that Paul wrote the Gospel of John. Paul was not a Pharisees as he claims, he did not speak or read Hebrew, he was a Greek with a Greek copy of the Tanakh (Old Testament). Paul in his writings created quotes that do not exist in the Tanakh, and intentionally misquoted passages in the Tanakh to base his Religious fiction upon. Paul also called the non-messianic Jews “demons”, inciting hate and disdain among his supporters for those who were antichrist.

As time marches forward, the Church that becomes more of a Regional Political body, improved the stories of Jesus to solidify their doctrine. This has been proven by comparing old transcripts to current ones and with records of meetings and letters going all the way back to the 3rd century.

Christians today are Evangelical because they are told that the Second Coming of Jesus will occur when the Jews mostly, and non-jews in mass convert.

Christians do not read Hebrew, they have no clue what the Tanakh actually says. Christians are indoctrinated and brainwashed with the religious fiction of Paul, and modifications of the church.

A committee of 47 scholars and clergymen in approximately 1600 created the King James Bible, and I can tell you that only the writings that supported the “Jesus is GOD” theology was accepted, other books and gospels that did not support this position were not included. Any passages in the accepted books that did not support the Accepted Positions were REWRITTEN.

So in conclusion, what we know of Christianity today is a religion completely made up by Paul based on a sedition martyr story of a man called Jesus who preached the Return of God to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Church Paul founded went on to Improve and beautify the existing writings (gospels) and create new Gospels to support their positions.

As you know, a king or even an emperor would have a tough time getting anything done without the blessing of the church. That is how it was in the Old World

As for the Tanakh, it is a Historical Fantasy loosely based on happenings to a people, the Israelites. Like the Christian scriptures, it was also improved and beautified as time marched forward to promote and support the various political positions that the leaders wanted to impose.

Buddhism and Christianity (any Abrahamic teachings) are incompatible. There is no common ground, no bridge to meet on. Those who try and bridge the two end up going crazy, that is why I say to Westerners who convert to Buddhism: YOU MUST COMPLETELY RENOUNCE CHRISTIANITY.

Now, you can look at Christianity from a Buddhist mind and see it for what it is, but you cannot bridge the two or create a hybrid out of the two beliefs. As for the Christian, they believe only through Jesus can one gain access to GOD, and thus are totally intolerant of all other paths/beliefs/views. In this, the Christians become dangerous because if they cannot convert you, they will kill you all in their desire to bring about the Second coming of Jesus.


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