Glimpses of peace – What is Meditation

Meditation, properly done, is abiding in the Middle Way of your own turbulent self. Buddha taught that the Middle Way is to not abide in the extremes, for this creates the stormy seas of the mind, the suffering we know, the volatility of emotions.

This meditation, dhyana or Jhana, is the cultivation and can be practiced and there are many valid methods.

The more your mind knows meditation, the better you are at calming the violent seas of your mind, the better you are at finding that neutral point where ‘things are calm’ and you can see the extremes you may have been abiding in, and thus gain wisdom.

As your meditation deeps and your mind is free from the extremes of self you enter the Gnosis/samadhi – that mystical place where the cosmic Enlightenment (Buddha) is always there, always preaching the dharma, where you can listen to the dharma yourself and gain spiritual wisdom and knowledge.


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